Product | Potentiostat/Galvanostat
WPG Series
Mid power type WPG100S (Max 400watt)
제목 없음 If you need higher power potentiostat/galvanostat than standard type WPG100e, You can consider WPG100S model. This can support battery, fuel cell, corrosion, photoelectrochemistry etc.
  • 10V 20A (WPG100S1020)
  • 20V 10A (WPG100S2010)

The above two model is for WPG100S typically but you can order with customized specification for your own purpose.



  • Mid power application
  • Electrosynthesis/Electrolysis
  • Battery test
  • Fuel Cell test (DMFC etc)
  • Photo electrochemistry
  • Electroplating/Corrosion

    System hardware is based on WPG series potentiostat/galvanostat. Customize
    specification is available within 400Watt. Current ranges are 6 ranges.


  • For long term experiment
  • Accurate Control & Measurement
  • Easy to control Software
  • Free Software upgrade
  • Importing/Exporting data file


  • With 16bit ADC, DAC, this system provides 0.0015% f.s high resolution in control and data acquisition.
  • 6 current ranges (Automatic & manual setting)
  • User specification is available
  • Data sampling time: >500usec
  • Output terminal: V-out & I-out analog signal for XY recorder & External In for FRA interface(option)
  • High accuracy:
    Voltage < 0.05% f.s
    Current < 0.05% f.s
  • Automatic protection: This system automatically stops the experiment if it meets data over hardware specification.
  • This system can be used as battery cycler
  • Compatible with IVMANTM DC data analysis software without purchasing license code
  • LAN communication

Experimental Techniques

Electroanalytical techniques.

  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Linear sweep voltammetry
  • Chrono-amperometry
  • Chrono-coulometry
  • Chrono-potentiometry

Corrosion measurement

  • Tafel plot
  • Potentiodynamic
  • Potentiostatic
  • Galvanostatic
  • Cyclic polarization
  • Ecorr vs. time
  • Linear polarization resistance

Energy Test

  • CC/CV (Lithium battery) test menu
  • CC/CC (NiCd(NiMH) battery) test menu
  • Steady state CV
  • Pstat IV curve
  • Gstat IV curve
  • EVS (Electrochemical voltage spectroscopy) test
  • PITT (Potentiostatic intermittent titration technique) test
  • GITT (Galvanostatic intermittent titration technique) test


  • Temperature measurement
  • Auxiliary voltage measurement

WMPG Series
WMPG1000H8 (Max 800Watt/CH)
WPG Series
Mid power type WPG100H12 (Max 1200watt)
WMPG Series
WMPG1000H8 (Max 800Watt/CH)
ZIVE SP & PP Series