Product | Battery Test System
  • Standard model
  • 8 channel battery cycler
  • Channel expandable up to 128 channels
  • Voltage range : ±5V
  • Max. Current range : ±5A@5V (4 ranges)
  • max. power per channel : 50Watt
  • Customized specification is available.
      응용 분야


    • Battery
    • Super capacitor
    • Fuel cell
    • Solar cell
    • Electrode material test
    • Other Echem experiments


    • Standard 8 channel battery cycler
    • Max. power per channel : 50Watt(power = (max. voltage-min voltage) x max. current)
    • voltage range : ±5V
    • current range : max. ±5A, 4 ranges (depending on system specification)
    • voltage/current accuracy : ±0.02% f.s.
    • sampling time
      - 8~16 channel system : 20msec
      - 17~32 channel system : 25msec
      - 33~128 channel system : 50msec
    • Max. 290,000 data point memory on control board
    • potentiostat/galvanostat circuit
      no switching time (charging to discharging, discharging to charging)
      analog feedback control to keep constant voltage & current
      capability of electrochemical experiments by controlling voltage versus
      reference electrode for positive voltage polarity only.
    • high precision
      16bit(0.0015% full scale) ADC, DAC
      MOSFET type linear power supply circuit.
      shield cell cable to prevent EMI noise
    • safety
      unique “fail check” function: to protect the system and cell, the system
      will automatically stop when measured value is different from control
      value by battery failure or wrong cell connection etc.
      - system safety parameter: if the measured value is over system specification,
      the running channelwill stop automatically.
      - user defined safety condition setting: user can input safety level following
      test cell’s chemistry.
      - automatic cell connection check: before experiment, if the cell voltage value
      is near 0Volt, program gives the warning message for the operator to check
      the cell connection
      if the operator did press stop function button by mistake, confirmation message
      box appears.

      to prevent over current, poly-switch is located in each channel.
      - watchdog function: stop “running channel(s)” on communication failure.
      - while any channel is running, operator could not close the server program.
      - if main program was down by unstable operating system, independent server
      program keeps the experiment (control & data acquisition) without dead time.
    • maintenance & system expansion
      - plug-in type channels
      - power supply per 8 channel
      - easy expansion up to 128 channels by adding plug in channel or by adding 8ch substation
      - each channel has Poly switch instead of fuse.
    • LANcommunication
    • User friendly software
    • Compatible with IVMANTM DC data analysis software without purchasing license code
    • Customized specification available

    Experimental Techniques

    Energy Test

    • CC/CV (Lithium battery) test menu
    • CC/CC (NiCd(NiMH) battery) test menu
    • Steady state CV
    • Pstat IV curve
    • Gstat IV curve
    • EVS (Electrochemical voltage spectroscopy) test
    • GITT (Galvanostatic intemittent titration technique) test
    • PITT (Potentiostatic intermittent titration technique) test

    Electroanalytical techniques

    • Cyclic voltammetry
    • Linear sweep voltammetry
    • Chrono-amperometry
    • Chrono-coulometry
    • Chrono-potentiometry

    Corrosion measurement

    • Tafel plot
    • Potentiodynamic
    • Potentiostatic
    • Galvanostatic
    • Cyclic polarization
    • Ecorr vs. time
    • Linear polarization resistance


    • Auxiliary voltage monitoring
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Coin cell holder
    • Battery jig

    Product Images

    WBCS mid power type
    WBCS mid power type
    ZIVE SP & PP Series
    ZIVE SP1
    ZIVE BP/MP Series
    ZIVE MP1-4CH housing