Product | Impedance Analyzer
ZIVE SP & PP Series
  • Versatile high quality potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer
  • Control voltage range : ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV
  • Control current range : 50pA ~ 5A (500pA with gain, 11 ranges)
      응용 분야


    • Battery / Super capacitor
    • Fuel cell
    • Corrosion
    • Sensor
    • Solar cell
    • Other Echem experiments



    • high quality potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer
    • ±10V@5Amp control range
    • current range (11 ranges)
      - 5nA to 5A
      - 500pA with gain
    • frequency range : 10uHz ~ 1MHz
    • built-in FRA : enables EIS tests
    • 14 EIS techniques capability(option) including multisine
    • capable of multitude of applications
      corrosion, general electrochemistry, sensor, battery, fuel cell,
        supercapacitor, solar cell, etc.
    • bipolar pulse capability
    • voltage pulse or current pulse charge/discharge test(GSM,CDMA etc.),
      sine wave function for ripple simulation in battery test package
      & pulse plating available
    • high speed data sampling time
      2usec or 3usec depending on data point numbers
    • fast sweep mode(5000V/sec with 10mV data sampling)
    • iR compensation & measurement
    • 3 measurement/control voltage ranges &
      11 measurement/control current ranges
    • internal 542,000 data point storage & continuing experiment regardless
      of PC failure.
    • LCD diaplay
    • multichannel configuration available by connecting multiple SP5 or other ZIVE products
    • external booster (ZIVE ZB series) available
    • inclues basic software, Energy/Impedance/Battery/Echem analysis software packages
    • can use EIS data analysis software, ZMANTM and DC data analysis software IVMANTM withough
      purchasing license code
    • free software upgrade   



    Experimental Techniques

    Basic techniques

    • Potentiostatic
    • Galvanostatic
    • Double step potentiostatic
    • Double step galvanostatic
    • OCP measurement
    • Potential sweep
    • Current sweep
    • Cyclic voltammetry
    • Fast potential sweep
    • Potentiostatic Ru measurement
    • Galvanostatic Ru measurement


    Advanced software techniques(included)

    • EIS software package(EIS)
      - Potentiostat EIS
      - Galvanostatic EIS
      - Pseudo galvanostatic EIS
      - OCP* EIS
      - Potentiodynamic PEIS
      - Galvanodynamic GEIS
      - Poteniodynamic HFR
      - Galvanodynamic HFR
      - Galvanostatic HFR monitor
      - Potentiostatic HFR monitor
      - Multisine potentiostatic EIS
      - Multisine galvanostatic EIS
      - Intermittent potentiostatic EIS
      - Intermittent galvanostatic EIS
      (*) The system measures open circuit potential before each frequency
          change and applies AC sine wave on this potential.

    • Corrosion software package(COR)
      - Tafel(Tafel experiment)
      - Rp(Polarization resistance)
      - RpEc trend
      - PDYN(Potentiodynamic)
      - CYPOL(Cyclic polarization resistance)
      - GDYN(GalvanoDynamic)
      - Reactivation
      - Galvanic corrosion
      - Potentiostatic ECN
      - Galvanostatic ECN
      - ZRA mode ECN
    • Energy software package(BAT)
      a) Battery test technique
         - CC/CV test for cycle life test of lithium battery  
         - CC/CC tet for cycle life test of NiCd or NiMH battery
         - Discharging test
         - EVS(electrochemical voltage spectroscopy)
         - Variable scan rate CV
         - Potentiostatic IV curve
         - Galvanostatic IV curve
         - Steady state CV
         - PITT(Potentiostatic intermittent titration technique) test
         - GITT(Galvanostatic intermittent titration technique) test
         - Pulse mode is available for GSM & CDMA profile.
           Pulse shape profile can be measured by user's demand.
      b) Control mode
         - Charge : CC, CC-CV, pulse, sine wave
         - Discharge : CC, CP, CR, pulse, sine wave
      c) Cut-off condition
         - Time, voltage, current, power, auxV etc.
         - Various battery charge/discharge test is available including
           pulse discharge for GSM, CDMA application
    • Electrochemical analysis software package(EAS)
      a) Step techniques
         - CA(Chronoamperometry)
         - CC(Chronocoulometry)
         - CP(Chronopotentiometry)
      b) Sweep techniques
         - LSV(Linear sweep voltammetry)
         - SDV(Sampled DC voltammetry)
         - Fast CV
         - Fast LSV
      c) Pulsed techniques
         - DPV(Differential pulse voltammetry)
         - SWV(Square wave voltammetry)
         - DPA(Diff.pulse amperometry)
         - NPV(Normal pulse voltammetry)
         - RNPV(Reverse normal pulse voltammetry)
         - DNPV(Differential normal pulse voltammetry)



    • Power booster  


    Product Images

    WPG Series
    Mid power type WPG100S (Max 400watt)
    WBCS mid power type
    ZIVE BP/MP Series
    ZIVE MP5
    Accessories for Battery Test
    Battery Jig
    ZMAN, Impedance Data Analysis Software