Product | Battery Impedance Analyzer
BZA Series
BZA60M Multichannel Battery Impedance Analyzer
  • Impedance measurement of battery, battery pack & ESS(energy storage system)
  • DC voltage measurement up to 60V
  • Quick diagnosis of batteries
  • Impedance analysis software (ZMAN)
  • Cell temperature monitoring
  • Expandable up to 32 channels


  응용 분야


  • Battery pack in power tool
  • Battery pack in EV scooter
  • EV battery module


  • With the multi-channel equipment of floating structure, the impedance can be measured at the
    same time. It can be measured in the state of battery module or pack with no necessity of separate
  • The each channel can be controlled independently or simultaneously.
  • As many cells can be measured at the same time, the impedance measurement time per battery can be reduced.
  • The detailed data density measurement, it could be used for both QC and development.
  • Even though it is the high-voltage equipment, it is highly portable.
  • It is compact size as multi-channel system, weight is 6.6 kg(4ch). Easy USB 2.0 connection to a PC.
  • Automatic equivalent circuit searching and various impedance analysis functions are possible using ZMAN impedance analysis software.(No license requirement)
  • Fine setting is available by subdividing the frequency to fix to 1000 per decade when fixed frequency experiments.


  • Independent examination from the PC is available after the test starts.
  • A various scope of parameters for the test is adjustable that are used in the test
  • Even if you lose connection of BZA and PC, if the device is powered on, the device will continue experiment . Memory can be saved after the connection recovers.
  • Data is saved in the form of binary format that is compatible with the
    ZMAN software thus can be transformed into the text(CSV, TXT).


   Control Screen
     • Real-time monitoring of current/voltage range, measured voltage value,
       and measured temperature value regardless of a test is started. (data are not logged)
     • Displaying schedule file and data file name
     • Schedule file selection/modification
     • Start/Stop operation


   Real time plot and data monitoring
     • Lissajous plot/ current, voltage vs. time for AC waveform
     • Galvanostatic EIS (Quick galvanostatic EIS)
       - Nyquist plot / Bode Plot
     • Rs-psuedo Rp/ HFR both
       - Cs, Cp vs time graph
     • Zre, Vdc vs time graph (HFR)
     • Rs-psuedo Rp vs time graph (Rs-psuedo Rp measurement)
     • Vdc, Temperature vs time graph (Discharge test)
     • Eoc, Temperature vs time graph (Eoc_temp monitor)


   Technique selection & Parameter Input Box
     • Galvanostatic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
       - Bias & amplitude value is determined by current range setting
       - Parameters: Frequency range, data density, iteration
     • Rs-psuedo Rp measurement
       - Rs frequency, psuedo Rp frequency setting
       - Interval & Total time setting
     • High frequency resistance measurement(HFR)
       - HFR frequency setting
       - Interval & Total time setting
     • Eoc - Temperature monitor
     • Quick galvanostatic EIS for screening
     • Constant current Discharge test


   Fitting display                                      LEVM fitting


   Automatic Model Searching

BZA Series
BZA60M Multichannel Battery Impedance Analyzer